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The grand entry of celebrity favourite, 171 Monaco St, Broadbeach WatersSource:SuppliedVendors Karen and Roger Cartwright bought the block at 171 Monaco St in 2000, the original single storey home and built their riverfront mansion.The pair made use of the triple block with a 90m water frontage through expansive indoor outdoor living areas.American skateboarder Hawk visited the property while it was being built and transformed the empty pool into a skate bowl.remember at the time I had no idea who Tony Hawk was, Mrs Cartwright daughter was so excited. We pulled the cane lounge we had at the time up to the pool and watched him skate.(the producers) were able to blank out the river, Mr Cartwright said.was about three or four days of filming. The pool fence came down and it looked like Bali here.Minogue wanted it too but we were booked, Mr Cartwright said.Bali huts, palm trees, wat and a tropical garden give the resort style look, while the expansive water frontage offers a view of the Surfers Paradise skyline..

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