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There was one significant anomaly none of the monks in the adjacent monastery contracted cholera. Investigation showed that this was not an anomaly, but further evidence, for they drank only beer, which they brewed themselves. Residents near or in the brewery on Broad Street were also not affected as a result of the fermentation of the contaminated water.

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cheap jordans china The bomb kills Theo’s mother and several others; the boy escapes but suffers a concussion which, in a sense, lasts for the rest of this 784 page novel, in which he veers between shock, grief, heartache, and a reliance on pharmaceuticals. The tone is permanently heightened; like a Dutch painting, every scene is described in glittering detail and framed with retrospective melancholy. “There was something festive and happy about the two air jordans cheap price of us,” Theo remembers of his mother, “hurrying up the steps beneath the flimsy candy striped umbrella, quick quick quick, for all the world as if we were escaping something terrible instead of running right into it ” Cheap Jordans cheap jordans china.

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