Give your walls or ceilings a stylish designer look or                                                                                                             
add a vibrant splash of color to any room with                                                                                                                  
strategically placed wall panels which includes variety                                                                                                                 
of textures and materials. It will not crack, warp or                                                                                                
shatter from normal household activities, neither will it                                                                                                                 
stain and it is easy to care for. Decorative panels                                                                                                                                             
available at Build Rite are high performance products                                                                                                                  
that meet the needs of the customers, while reducing                                                                                                                                                 
the impact on the environment. They can be installed                                                                                                                                 
in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants within a few                                                                                                                              
hours, creating a striking focal point with no mess and                                                                                                                          
minimal cost. Our natural stone cladding for external                                                                                                                      
walls, decorative internal wall decals, and elegant ceiling
tiles are beautifully displayed so that you can see the
finished product before purchasing.

Buildrite 2013
You can browse through our beautiful showroom of affordable                           
designer bathrooms and draw inspiration from the wide array                                        
of basin, baths, showers and toilets.  Our design team will                                            
assist with the layout of your bathroom to maximize your                                                    
space, as well as guide you in choosing the correct sanitary                                              
ware, geyser, taps and tiles for your requirements. We carry                                            
a wide range catering for the buyer on a budget as well as                                               
the more up market finishes. Choose from our basic three                                 
We stock a wide variety of hand and  power tools for the DIY
enthusiast and homemaker. Whether you are searching for the
right tool to do minor household repairs or you are embarking
on a DIY project, our wide range of quality tools are sure to
address your need. Our friendly assistants will give you expert
advice on the suitability of the tool for the application required 
and will be able to answer any technical queries you have. All
our power tools carry a 1 year guarantee and a 2 year
warrantee, so you can be assured of the best post sales
customer service too!                                                                                                                                                                   
The basic of good home designing is flooring. A floor covers
the majority of the house and a great floor can set the tone for
the rest of your home. It is therefore extremely important to                                                  
carefully choose high-quality and durable products for flooring.
Build Rite stocks a full range of electrical fittings and
accessories . We keep  basic lighting for the domestic
market and end users, as well as everything you would
require for wiring your house. Our large range of
electrical fittings include, energy saving bulbs, multi
plugs, adapters, light switches and more.                                              
Doors are the gateways to your dream house or home
improvement. With a unique door you invite people in your
home or office. We stock the widest variety of interior,
exterior, security sliding and garage doors, as well as a
preferred selection of superlative door handles to complement
your style and complete the look. We also cater to the ever
changing needs of a diverse market by keeping a
comprehensive range of aluminium, wooden and steel
windows. As a service to our valued customers, our efficient
team will measure and cut the glass to fit your window frames
while u wait.
piece bathroom set or our wall hung pans with Geberit mechanisms and exclusive cabinets and bath accessories. All our toilets are equipped for the dual flushing mechanism, to save your water bill and the environment. Our cabinets are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure that they do not swell or peel, and add beautiful form to what was previously a functional item.


Laminated flooring is renowned for its beauty and durability. Synchronizing well with the colors of the walls and ceilings, the wide array of wooden flooring options at Build Rite will satisfy even the most discerning customers. Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you will find your ideal choice from our vast range. Our experienced team will advise you on floor preparation and maintenance to ensure that your laminate flooring stands the test of time.

Build Rite carries the entire spectrum of plumbing supllies, catering to contractors and homeowners. Our SABS approved pipes and fittings are of the highest quality, and we keep quality taps and fittings for developers and end users. Our highly skilled staff are trained to assist with any technical queries, and will advise you on the most suitable application for your requirements.                                                                                    
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o  Interior Paints for walls & ceilings
o  Exterior Paints for exterior walls
o  Metal Care Paints for metal surfaces
o  Wood Care Opaque & Clear coatings for wood
o  Undercoats Products to enhance performance of topcoat
Build Rite keeps Promac Paints, a brand that gives both the DIY user and professional painter help and inspiration to create the best possible results. Our range caters to all your painting requirements:
Choose your ideal colour, while our friendly and experienced sales assistants measure  how much you need to buy as well as which materials to use to obtain the best results.

Build Rite unites award-winning design with the finest materials and the latest industry-leading technologies sourcing tiles that are durable and affordable. We offer a wide range of ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles and mosaics, etc. Our specialized team in the flooring department will calculate the correct amount of tiles and adhesive to purchase to ensure minimum wastage and ensure that the tiles you purchase are suitable for your desired application.